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Even though high % Warfighters are married we also have a Warfighters Single Program.  Even if you served in Vietnam decades ago, it's never too late to get help. ALL WARFIGHTERS NEED TO REGISTER.

The mission of the Warfighters Single program is to enhance the morale and welfare of single Warfighters, to bring Singles together and sustain combat readiness. We will certainly communicate with the single Warfighter's leadership and use this program as an award incentive for the Warfighter to achieve, which serves as a tool for commanders to  use in a professional competitive manner. Additionally,  Our goals are to be involved a variety of activities before, during and after deployment to maintain the morale of single Warfighters affected by increased operational tempo and deployment stress. We can't wait to welcome you home!

This program is facilitated through its three major components aimed to make sure the Warfighter is NEVER ALONE, receives the recognition they deserve by being selected by their leadership and living out a dream vacation or event with people they choose. This affords Warfighters the opportunity to feel like a winner and receive a vacation of lifetime! The single Warfighter will invite a family size or we can make sure other single Warfighters are selected to all meet up at a location/event they like to attend

Due to cutbacks there are many programs that are not being used in the military! Suicide has increased and we must make every effort to intervene and provide services to all Warfigthers. We will also have a open hotline 24/7 for the Warfighters to call in order to be heard. We will get you the professional help you need and there is nothing to be embarrassed about!