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Military Suicide Awareness

When our Warfighter and their family face serious problems or emotional pain, they sometimes turn to thoughts of suicide. We must take this SERIOUSLY.  The Warfighter and family may have overwhelming problems which may cause to see NO options, DIFFICULITIES  to find solutions, and  may seem  hopeless.   

Depression treatment, family counseling, and a Warfighter R&R will be a start of a new beginning.  Every warfighter can contact us or/and our Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 Press 1 ALL CALLS ARE CONFIDENTIAL HELP FOR ALL VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES.  You can also chat online 24/7 VeteransCrisisLine.net or text 838255 

Mental Health Intervention 

Warfighter MUST receive a personalized treatment AWAY FROM THE MILITARY INSTALLATION

Being diagnosed with a mental illness does not signify the end of a normal life. In reality, for those who receive the correct treatment, living with a mental illness is possible. There are multiple forms of mental illnesses and disorders, which is why a treatment method needs to be tailored to the individual.

Warfighters R&R offers treatment programs designed around the Warfighter who may think everything is OK until we provide the BEST Psychologist during their decompression in a tailored environment discussed with the Warfighter during the coordination phase. We will have a TEAM of professional trained staff at the agreed destination which financially will be completely covered by Warfighters R&R. We will treat any other conditions such as substance abuse and addiction, which can undermine treatment.

With multiple forms of therapy and holistic treatment methods, We will establish a treatment built for the Warfighter. The focus of treatment is to help the Warfighter re-adjust to society through a network of support. The network of support starts with Warfighters R&R.  This is why we decided to have the family and their love ones part of the Warfigher R&R experience.

Financial Advisor

Wedding; Anniversary; & Retirement Services

Warfighter's MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

The founder of Warfighters R&R has been passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jistu (BJJ) from the time it was introduced to the Rangers in 1995. MMA has a very similarity to the US Army Combatives program.  The Army has the World Class Program which supports many disciplines of MMA like boxing and wrestling,  but there is no outlet for our Warfighters to particpate in competiton allowing them to test thier talent and skills. We will support our Warfighters to compete within their units. We will communicate with Division Command Teams and higher to provide support with proper sanctions, equipment,  and recognition programs.  Our ultimate goal is to select the best MMA Warfighter in every weight class to have the opportunity to represent their Armed Forces Branch and unit to compete during International Fight week in Las Vegas every summer year. The International Mix Martial Arts Foundation IMMAF is leading this cause! 

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is often referred to as the world’s fastest growing sport. Its popularity with athletes and followers alike is constantly increasing and there are organizations, clubs and professional companies started all around the globe. The possibilities for development of MMA are great, but as for any sport there are also challenges. In order to harness all this potential there is a need for a common point of reference, a democratic body to organize and drive the development of the sport on a worldwide basis. You can read more at: www.immaf.org The purpose of IMMAF is to further the development and recognition of the sport of mixed martial arts, enabling international competition through the organization of national MMA federations around the world.

  It's best said by Former Bantamwieght UFC Champion, “Mix Martial Arts really is the most responsible outlet for (aggression),” said by Ronda Rousey.  If any of those people that had all of that aggression built up in them had some sort of outlet, I think that we’d have a lot more societal health because of it.”