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Throughout his 22 year Army career, Master Sergeant (retired) Rafael A. Ortiz distinguished himself serving the United States of America in the US Army with the highest degree of honor by displaying exceptional and meritorious conduct amid a succession of challenging positions.  Master Sergeant (ret) fully understood the great importance and responsibility bestowed upon him from maintaining the Army’s Airborne Infantry Regiment by serving as a Squad Infantry Leader who jumped into combat with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team on March 26, 2003. This Airborne Ranger and also Jumpmaster became the true honest broker of Soldiers in 2005 earned him respect within the Career Counselor Community, Soldiers and families, and the Army.  His success, integrity, and dedication has led to a career culminating as a  Brigade Senior Career Counselor for the 6th Recruiting Brigade, where he faithfully served as a trusted advisor to Leaders, and a mentor to Soldiers. 

Master Sergeant (ret) Ortiz has served with, the 2nd Brigade Parachutist Infantry Regiment, 4/325 Airborne Battalion, and 82nd Airborne Division, A CO., 1-508th Airborne Infantry Battalion, 1st Brigade PIR, B CO., 3-504 Battalion, and 82nd Airborne Division, the 173rd Airborne Combat Team, 20th Engineer Airborne Brigade, the 525 Battlefield Surveillance Brigade.  Amid these many assignments MSG Ortiz’  (ret) warrior spirit has never wavered as he displayed courage and selfless service throughout almost five years of operational deployments.   MSG (ret)  Ortiz served in support of the Operations IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM.  His outstanding performance, inspirational leadership, and steadfast devotion to duty resulted in continuous success wherever he served no matter what hardship ensued.  He was on his way to his last promotion and serve another 10 years of active duty but instead chose to retire to find a way to intervene with our Warfighters to do everything he can to provide the best Mental Health treatment, Family Counseling, and Financial planning to our American Warfighters.