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Providing Much Needed R & R
for our Warfighters

A Foundation for Veterans Care

When our combat Veterans return, they deserve the best support we can give them, which includes a much-needed vacation. We are a family foundation located in Sunrise, Florida, that works for the reintegration for all service members on active duty and veterans who have served the United States of America.  At Warfighters R & R, we understand the importance of Warfighters getting rest and relaxation for their mental health and safety. Our founder served 22 years on active duty with the United States Army and a total of 5 years in the Middle East who fully understands reintegration and mostly a recovery with the entire family which financially is very difficult. He experienced R&R with the Special Recruiting Assistance Program which paid for a 2 week vacation to a destination preference which helped him with mental health awareness and  a variety of professional doctors to receive the best treatment.  This also provided him to tell his Army story to the public coming from Afghanistan a 15 month deployment. Unfortunately, this program ended in 2009. Now, we make it our mission to fill that gap.

Take Care of Warfighters and Their Families


Families also suffer when a warfighter is away. Not many know the stresses on families, and we want to spread the word on this issue and combat it. When the warfighter registers, we talk with them about what their dream vacation is and where they would like to go with their families.

We offer this service for active duty service men and women in all branches of the military, who have been deployed at least once. This vacation package extends to their entire immediate family members, including parents and siblings. Depending on the destination, we can accommodate up to six to 10 people and depending on the funding, we can provide vacations for one to two weeks.

Donate and Volunteer


All money that you donate goes to pay for vacations for the warfighters. The cost to send a family on vacation and provide all the professional assistance can be upwards of $15,000, but with every dollar you donate, your contribution will bring a family that much closer to the help their needs.

In addition, you can help by being a volunteer. We are looking for mental health-certified doctors, suicide prevention aides, marriage counselors, financial advisers and people who can help spread the word about our organization. Our organization is also looking to work with hotels who can volunteer occupancy for our returning warfighters, as well as taxi and limo drivers. To ensure the best care for our warfighters, we do a background check on all our volunteers.